Personliga godbitar ur A Cry in the Desert

1996 gavs boken ”A Cry in the Desert: The Awakening of Byron Katie” ut, skriven av Christin Lore Weber. Den är sedan länge utsåld och trycks inte längre, men man kan ibland hitta begagnade exemplar för höga summor. Hela boken ligger upplagd på nätet, till exempel här.

226 sidor lång beskriver den Katies personliga resa mer än böckerna som kommit senare, som till stor del innehåller dialoger, Katies synsätt och praktiska anvisningar för att göra The Work.

Här är några av mina personligt valda stycken ur ”A Cry in the Desert” som jag fastnade för vid genomläsningen. Citaten är en blandning av Katies ord, författarens reflektioner och kommentarer från dem hon intervjuat.

Suffering, I discover, is a phantom that can narrow the boundaries of our worlds and drive us insane if we believe that it is real. At the point of disappearance, the sufferer cries out. This is the cry that rends the temple veil, splits open the illusion we create, and wakes us up. It is the cry in the desert.

She says that she was born in an attic room when she was forty-three years old. That was the day this woman understood that she was worthy of her own love.

“Do not call me good. Only One is good,” says Jesus, telling us not to set him apart from the rest of us at the top of some stairway of judgment. Goodness is the constant state of being in itself. All is good. All is One. We cannot do anything to make us good; we already are.

Accept the Love in front of you. This is favorite of Byron's teachings. Everything I need is right in front of me. If I don't recognize that, it is because I am focused on something that isn't there. When I insist on the thing that isn't there, I miss the Love in front of me. I ignore the light of Truth and cannot see the Love. I resist enlightenment.

“Fear results from the belief that you are going to lose something or not get something you want. There is no exception to this, even as your ego attacks itself.”

“There is only One. There are no strangers here.”

“All the beliefs that you've constructed to protect yourself throughout your whole life are not needed, unnecessary. You are afraid because you think you are a body. You think you are a body, and you are afraid of death – afraid of nothing, only illusion, belief systems. There is no death. You are using your mind to scare yourself. To shame yourself. You cannot lose the ones you love. It is impossible. You are the one you lost. Others don't belong to you. But you obliterate them in your mind. You are the one who says they die.”

”You cannot know yourself in the center of a thought storm that is, itself, these insane thoughts. You are so beautiful. You are so loved. In the fear you create you cannot know these things.”

I realized that I had wanted to look good in front of all those people. I realized that I had to stop hiding now. There is nothing to cover up, nothing to protect. Not if all of us are Love. Not if everything is One.

It was a halfway house for women recovering from eating disorders, which Byron now identifies as thinking disorders.

My knowledge is: There is only God. I could shut down and live in fear of dark entities, paralysis, screams, people's opinions, or I can live as Light. Darkness cannot survive the Light. And Light is Truth.

The only Joy is in the serving. I serve me first. If I serve you it is only to serve me; I am so clear about not knowing what you need. I can't know what you need. It isn't my business to know what you need – it's yours. You are responsible for fulfilling your needs. So if you need something, ask, and if I can supply that, then I do it, for me, because in that doing is my Joy. You're there to show me Joy so I can serve endlessly, effortlessly. But I don't step into the delusional thinking that it is for you. You do yours.

The essence of Byron's awakening is Truth. Commitment to Truth is primary for her. The moment of the cockroach taught her this. In the immediacy of the moment, everything was One. Then her mind moved her slightly off that realization to the sense of “foot” as separate from “cockroach” and from that to the notion of I am not...” This movement away could have continued and eventually she would have arrived at the state of being she experienced before awakening. But instead of moving away, she returned to the “Oneness out of all beliefs.”
“I saw. I felt. Then I lost it. And I identified that it was an untrue belief about what I saw and, therefore, felt that belief was the movement away. I saw that the belief wasn't real. I unlearned the concept attached to ‘see’ and 'feel' and experienced 'home' again. All that needs to be done is to develop this process. And this is what I teach – - a written way of staying in awakened Truth. When you know that it is your belief attached to your thought, your untrue concepts, that separates you, it's over. It's done. You're awake.

“When I was a child, I knew I was Love. Then I had the thought that I was not, until I was forty-three and Truth came to me in the peace of the moment and I knew again that I was. Then I had the thought that I wasn’t, and instead of its lasting forty-three years, I recognized it now for what it was and am again the awareness of the I Am. Even that thought is two steps away from the Divine that can’t be told – only experienced.”

Unlearning is moment-by-moment work. It requires dedication and renunciation. Katie knew she needed help. To get that help she went from teacher to teacher, beginning with the therapists at the halfway house. From the start she chose to stay with Truth. Truth was her highest choice. Truth was higher than either attachment or loss. She realized that attachment and the perception of loss is the only death. Life springs forth as we let go of attachment.

I thought I would die of the loss. So I had to love something higher. I had to stay with the mother that I knew. That mother was Truth.

“I had to have Truth. It was how I stayed free. Families leave. Friends leave. Our children leave. Mothers leave. Husbands leave. God is. Truth is. God never moves. That's how loving God is. We move away through God so that we can know what we can know. We are all innocent.”

She knew herself to be the complete One, the totally perfect Reality and, simultaneously the woman in process evolving into that One, located in a specific moment.

What I've come to know is that I projected the Lady. Bodies are projective as long as one is limited to seeing form as experience. We give us what we need. We supply our own medicine and we call that angels What happened to me and what continues to happen is that I experience the is that I is. I am always available as that. Communication is the limitation that always falls short. Today I don't wait for angels. I am always is the Angel I've been awaiting, and so are you. It is not out there. What happened with my Lady was that I automatically projected her out there like a movie, not on purpose, but as a result of perceived painful limitation I was experiencing in this dimension. Some people project Christ, others Krishna. I projected this fat Lady with a bun on her head, wearing a paisley dress.

“I began to notice that people would come to me for healing. Then they would recreate the disease as a result of their unhealed thinking and return to be healed another time by me. They would lose it again and come back again. I saw the house as not being large enough to hold all the people who wanted me to do their job. There were not enough hours in the day, and people became enraged when they were turned away.”

Even though people approached her as a miracle worker, Byron didn't see herself that way.
“Healer, heal thyself. It became clear to me that the healings were a BandAide™ and could serve only to promote myself. When this became visible, I began to give people The Work and invited them to heal themselves. Their healing wasn't my job and couldn't be held even if I wanted it to be. Hold your own. In my presence you heal. I am a reflection of you – unconditional love reflecting itself as the You (that) you recognize. Away from my presence you recreate disease as a result of unloving beliefs. Undo those, one by one; experience health, life, the You of you.

Dwell on the present. If you spend each day doing what you know is right everything will be okay. Moreover the doors of opportunity will present themselves and you will be prepared to recognize and open them This is not to be confused with the frivolous proverb of ‘Live for today, tomorrow may never come.’ You have a Job to do. So get it done. Katie says one of the most beautiful sounds she knows is that of 'Katie does the dishes.' This is the practiced art of recognizing the essence of living by appreciating the human senses. Work becomes music.

When you are worried about what people think or expect, ask yourself “Is it really true?” Oftentimes it isn't.

When Katie left the room she said, “You two have fun, now, with the I's and me's.”

If I was going to be a human being, I was going to be a true human being. And that's what The Work does.

Once we touch the I Am, it is only the belief or concept of what is not that takes us away. We become aware that thoughts move us away, and so we stop creating beliefs around the thoughts. Every thought attached to takes us away from Reality, from the What is.

In fact every concept of which we are capable is so far from that Reality as to be nothing. Even God. All our concepts of God are so far from that Reality that they are nothing.
I turn to Byron. “It's like Eckhart saying, 'I pray God to deliver me from God.’”
“Yes,” she answers. “But we need to name that, too, like table, so we name it God; we name it Buddha; we name it Krishna.”
“And we don't really know what it is, do we? And the moment we try to name it, we set it apart and there are two, and this is separation.”
“Yes,” (Katie says). We have to name it something, so we name it Love. We name it because naming is how we think we keep control. We are bodies of mind in this dimension. But the name we give to what appears as form is the way we feel justified in moving away from It Is.”

Each of Sharon's voices needed convincing. They continued to make a racket in her head. They made it difficult to do The Work. Then Katie suggested that Sharon change her eating habits. What would happen if she cut out sugar and salt and red meat? Sharon tried it. The voices quieted down. They didn't go away, but there was a noticeable difference. It took a long time to convince herself that it really was partially the food that was doing it. But whenever she returned to her old way of eating, the voices became strong, more vitriolic.

Byron Katie teaches that food, like every other symbol, is innocent. “It's my belief that says I can eat certain things, like refined nonfoods,” she says. “This is where belief loses its innocence. That is the lie. By acting on the lie, we experience its effects as nervousness, rage, sleeplessness, passiveness, tranquility, obesity, malnutrition, insanity, disease, and death. These effects say, 'My darling, take a look at your mind, at original thought, at your belief, at Truth.' Honor that. The physical choices that result from such honoring bring about a peaceful body reflective of the mind that made the choice.
“If we cannot know that the belief is a lie originally, and we then act on the lie, the body is the voice that tells us the Truth that was not available to the mind. Can we hear it? There is only one hunger, It is the hunger for Happiness and ultimately for God. Body reflects mind; it doesn't have a choice. Truthful mind; healthy body. Deceitful mind; sick body. In time it all appears Perfect reflection.”

Fear is the belief that what is Real will harm us. It is the suspicion, often even the conviction, that the universe is not progressing as it should, that God made a mistake or wasn't wise enough to get things right. It's the impulse to take control, myself, of destiny, of the future – as if I can. I know I can't, so then I fall into panic. If God is not wise enough and the universe is swinging out of control and I can't fix it, then my thinking says it's bound to harm me. Fear keeps me trying to be God. Fear ensures my failure. There's no Truth in it. I'm not God. And the One who is makes no mistakes. In fear we create dramas of our lives. We divide ourselves into parts, make roles, make voices in our minds, scare ourselves to death. In fear we make ourselves sick.
“The sick body is the voice of fearful mind,” Byron says. Fear becomes an ulcer. It speaks through cancer. It is high blood pressure. It is arthritis. It is a tightening up, an anger with Truth, a resistance to Reality, an insistence on my own way, my ego's way, my little vision.

Fear is until it's not. A peculiar trap devised by the mind is our attempt to talk ourselves out of fear. Thinking about my fear digs a deeper pit for it. Mental struggle tangles the mind. Byron's idea of “drama happening” or “efforting” tangles one in the fear.

“The highest good will come when you wait and let that highest good come forth in peace. Because when we let go, it leaves a vacuum that the universe has to fill. It has to; it is a law.
“So as long as you are in contraction in fear, it cannot move in, but through the letting go, something higher comes in, and that will be perfect. At that moment we can know it, but the minute we move away from that peace into the fear state, it is the mind saying the universe was made wrong, and that we know better than that. We are Judging it. We move away and it is not ever going to work, never has worked. So we move into the surrender place and it all becomes available to us again. And we have absolute control over that, moving back into perfection.
“What I am saying is that things are as they are supposed to be. There is only peace and perfection, only good. We have been taught otherwise, but it is just simply not so. If I think something is not good, then I need to work on my mind until I can see the truth of it. And that is The Work.

I think how easy it is to limit myself, set boundaries on life, make it small. The smaller life is, the less likely I will fail. That’s the lie I tell myself. The lie is the failure. ”There is no failure.” Byron smiles. ”There’s only the mind that tells me I have failed.” Success and failure, bound together, flip sides of a single fear.

I am as small as I think I need to be in order to keep my fears at bay.

That's what the pollution of the earth is for; we can know it now or we can know it when the air and water are too polluted to sustain. I am the cause; any one of these ills is the effect. It is our choice. That is what everything is for – time, evolution, even our planet. All the same. The earth is your body, a perfect reflection of mind. Pollution is the voice that says, “My darling, take a look at your mind. It is choking you to death.”

The past doesn't exist anyway, except as jaded reflection. We let go of interpretations and see literally or we die, because living in the past, as we have come to interpret it, is just a big ball of guilt and shame. To see and hear literally, without interpretation, is to remain ageless – infinitely.

All of us hold something back in our culture, whichever culture that may be. We preserve language. We preserve traditions. What for? So we can stop change that can't be stopped. So we can be separate. So I can be different from you. So I can know more. So of course it hurts when we try to live and be something that isn't, that doesn't exist. “We need to move into the present. That's what evolution means.

Suddenly I grasp what had seemed to me to be a contradiction in Byron's talk about the body. On the one hand she tells me I am not my body. On the other hand, I interpret that she emphasizes treating our bodies well, feeding them with living foods, giving them pure fluids, exercising, enjoying everything the body can do.
There is no dichotomy. This whole world, including my body, is form – multicolored, varied, dancing, changing form. Clinging stops the dance. The dance is the fullness of life at every moment. To focus on the form, to stop it because of fear, because I need to be in control of what I can never understand, is what we call disease, pollution, cultural decline. The forms unfold, spiral out, a flurry of leaves on a whirlwind. Byron tells me, “Yes. This mind is the form body takes as me. This body, personal or cultural, is my teacher. Body follows and reflects mind.” Body tells me where I'm holding on, stopping the flow of life. It tightens up, resists. My work in this world is to untie knots my small mind has made in the mistaken effort to keep me safe. My work is to honor this beautiful body, allowing it to unfold according to a Higher Mind than the mind I've created within myself. My work is to give this bodily form what it needs, a sane mind. Then body must unfold at the speed that Being moves. This unfolding is to be what is living, active, Joyous. To be Love. As everything is lived, let it go. Move on to the next step in the dance. Whirl with the leaves. Spin with the planets. Shine. We are the stars.

“You have the choice to see the Reality of the moment or the choice to project onto it the perceived past or future. It appears the past has happened in its own moments of time and is unchangeable, but to see it again as it really happened is to change it – therefore it is changeable. The future is determined as you interpreted the past. We are only this moment in Reality. Everyone can learn to live as the moment, to catch everything as the moment, to love what is in front of you as you. The miracle of Love, of What Is, comes to you in the presence of the uninterpreted moment. If you are out of the Reality of the moment, you miss real life. Be the moment and experience the Joy and Love that you are. If you are in the uninterpreted moment, your body is always available as the purpose it needs to serve. Now is the result of the miracle that happens. This is all there is and all there ever will be. This is beyond imagination. This is the simply obvious.”

“Byron, may I pay you for this? Is there anything I can give you?”
She said, “You can repay me by doing The Work. It's very important that you do this so that other people can learn.”

When I try to explain The Work to someone, I always fail. They don't seem to understand it, and I don't think I understand it very well, myself, because I don't seem to be able to explain it. But people have seen what a difference it has made in me.

All the people around me know that something's different; they're astounded. I always say, I wish I could explain it; I wish I could be a teacher. It's humbling also; they're getting it. As I'm learning it, they're also getting it. I'm not telling them anything, but they're working through their own anger.

They're mirroring me without my even knowing it, and they're working through their own fear of death at the same time I am, and their fear of illness, and I don't even know it's happening. There is just something spreading out from me.
Christ says, “I did it once and for all so now you don't have to do it.” It's like when you work through something for yourself – some anger or resentment, some fear – it is almost as if a person close to you, someone you interact with, doesn't need to do it. Because it is as though that person gets it all of a sudden just by being in contact with you. You don't even need to talk about it. This may or may not be in keeping with Christian belief, but I know a lot of Christians and I've never had a single person draw back and say, “This sounds like the work of the devil.”
When I talk about Byron, nobody ever thinks that it is anything but good.

“If I think you have wronged me,” Byron said, “Then I'd better take a look at that thought because you cannot wrong me. You can wrong you, but you can't wrong me.

You simply wanted Love. You didn't listen to the warning in your heart. How could you know? You were Love answering the call of Love within yourself.”

Saying yes when we mean no is misguided love. Love has to answer Love even if insanely. And she answered as she did until she could know that Love also says no. No is the word that honors the place in us that feels the harm.”

Responsibility really is my response in Truth. To return responsibility to the victim is to restore that one's power. Responsibility has nothing to do with blame.

The liar, the murderer, the tyrant, the crook: the One made monstrous to my eyes by fear – by my resistance to our pain. They are all myself. I am who they are. We are One.
They cry out in me. They are myself crying. It is the human cry for Love, for recognition of the Love that we are. It is our human striving – often misguided and fearful – to know Truth. It is the cry Byron Katie says she is. It is the cry in the desert of this world for God. ………
We play like children. We create forms, dramas, and we learn. We hold up mirrors to one another. What we call forgiveness is simply seeing clearly. ……….
“Forgive them,” Jesus said, “They don't know what they're doing.” And when he taught us to pray, he said, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” ………
He means letting go with every breath of a shadow that's settled over what we truly are. He means separating out the tangles we make of life's threads. He tells us we are clear, pure, without burden and that the task of our lives is to release any lie that clouds this Truth. It was as Jesus died that he made room in his heart for those who executed him. “Father, forgive them,” he cried. This was his compassion.

“During workshops, I ask people to close their eyes and contemplate: Would you rather be a tyrant, kicking a little child, or would you rather be the little child who was kicked? People reflect deeply. And they report to me that they would rather be the little child who was kicked.
“This is the shift,” Byron Katie says, “When something is seen in Truth, old belief falls away. We are the tyrant we fear. When we can see this, innocence is revealed, the heart opens, lies are revealed, judgment falls away; we are free. The experience of that is what we call forgiveness.”

Finally I see that the tyrant residing in my own mind is the tyrant I perceive outside of me. They are forgiven simultaneously or not at all. I cannot be free until I know there are no monsters; there are no victims This is not to say that if I torture, murder, or commit any other atrocity, I should not be held accountable. This is not to minimize the horrific effects of what we experience as evil or as sin. But it is to put Sin in its proper place: as a betrayal of my nature – of the nature of all, of the One – which is Love. And the refusal to see this Love, to see the fundamental innocence of all being, is the greatest betrayal of all.

Byron's way is not the way of the world. In the world we confront the abuser. We punish. We exact payment for our pain. We lock the bastard up. We execute him. We drive him out like a scapegoat into the desert of our common human mind and leave him there covered with all our sins, infused with essence of pain. We put a curse on him. We make him kneel and ask forgiveness. We wonder if he can be believed. Then, when all of this is done and we think we are free of him, we lie down at night and in the morning when we wake, our pillow is wet with tears.

“'The little one would not be a bitch if she were not in such terror of her untrue thoughts. The effect of honest thinking is the opposite of bitch. It is angel. Its name is you.

There may be a devil in our minds, but I don't believe there's a devil in the world of spirit. I think the devil was something invented to control people.

“But she doesn't do that because she feels it might eliminate somebody that needs spiritual help. She says she can give scholarships and that's true but you need a financial base first. Because she and Paul just struggle all the time to make ends meet and that's not good. I feel it is distracting to her; even though she'll say it isn't it is. It's out of character but she's human just like the rest of us. We want to put her up on a pedestal, but she's not going to climb up there.”
Sam puzzles over a situation that might cast some light on the difficulties involved in promoting Byron Katie. “I have many friends I've introduced to her, and it's almost as if they are afraid to get involved with her again. Isn't that strange? I don't understand it. I don't want to judge them because I don't know – I can't get into their heads. I talk to them saying, 'Let's get Katie and have a weekend,' but I just can't get anybody to move. They love her but they just won't move. Isn't that weird?”
But it's not really so weird. The way Byron Katie sees life stuns the ordinary mind,
------- He knows through experience, though, that when people allow themselves to be influenced by her, they change.

I said, “Well, I was thinking, if you are as great as Christin said, how come I didn't feel more when you hugged me?”
She said, “I felt that too. That's because you can't let us in.”

The Work she does is excellent. It's hard to catch the essence of it in a booklet, though; you almost have to experience it with her.
“What sets Katie apart is her love, her absolutely unconditional love. And her realness.

The form of my body changes during all my life; death changes that form radically. I do not die. I am not this body.

“Death is a projection,” Byron Katie says, “Of everything you have ever been – taught by human thought on this planet. If no one had told me about death, I wouldn't know what they meant. We don't die. Death is not a possibility! It is something we use to scare ourselves. Our thoughts of death are upside down thinking and don't work. The fear is projected from our childhoods. We saw people wailing from seeing other people wailing and falling apart as we now wail and fall apart perpetuating the lie. That is fear. Fear is confusion and ignorance. The human condition is to protect the body because humans think they are their bodies. They have forgotten they are thoughts. They are not in touch with the awareness, which is that of Everlasting Life. “Every time the belief of death comes in, know it is the result of this upside-down thinking. The people who 'die' and come back from near-death experiences report the beauty, ecstasy, and peace they encounter. Then there are the ones who step on over and don't even bother to come back to report the obvious. “Look for one proof that death isn't good other than your belief that they should rise and walk for your benefit. It is not possible to find it. There is only Good. There is only God. There is only Joy! Any thought that keeps me from Life is insane.”

“The ultimate existential fear of humankind is the fear of what we see as death. But death is not what you think it is. All you know is that when the body stops, it is fearful to you. When you can't see the person as alive, you don't trust that life hasn't ended. When essence leaves the body and the body just lies there, it scares you. But if essence came back to body, body would report it had been in an indescribably joyous place beyond itself. Because of the generations of learned misbeliefs and fear, we are unable to experience a peaceful, joyous life. “Death is also lying in the arms of a loved one and going to sleep. Every night we lay our head on the pillow and go to sleep. That is what death is. We were put to bed each night by our parents, even before we could constitute thought, and we automatically learned to trust we would wake each morning. “On what I call the 'other side' is the Isness – beliefs are the Is-not-ness. Any thoughts we try to put onto that condition of Is limit “ the Isness. It is complete, beyond words to describe!
“My own experience is that I live in this completeness. It is the peace I walk in. I don't “know”I anything. I don't have to figure anything out. I gave up in time, forty-three years of thoughts that go nowhere, and now I can know the Is-not. Peace. Joy. Absolute fulfillment of watching everything unfold in front of me as me. I am a perpetuated mind cause already existing, here to correct itself, now. It is the same as death. Being! I don’t know that I am – I am.

This is how Byron Katie can say there is no death. Form is all that dies and, even in that event we call “death,” form is not eliminated, simply changed, transformed, brought back and hidden in God. If I'm to be aware of living a full life, I must be successful in dying a thousand times each day. Every belief I let go of is death – death of old concepts/beliefs that don't serve, beliefs passed on from the beginning thought, that you call time.

For example, I can think about taking an airplane and, if it were to crash, I would be peaceful on the way down because I know how very beautiful the moment to moment of life is. Why would I miss the trip down by projecting what isn’t? Namely, death. There is only one death: the falling away of untrue belief.

Your ego has to terrify you all the time or you would go home to God in the body as I have done. This is what I'm here to live. When we are out of thinking, when we let go of having to know all the whys, whens, wheres – then everything that Is becomes visible. The consciousness of the Isness, the same as death, comes through.
The Isness is, without extension. There is no perception, form, thought. This is sometimes scary for humans because they don't expand their consciousness enough to grasp this, so they stay terrified. The perfection is inconceivable, especially that it could come from being still and quiet and free of useless beliefs; free of beliefs that, of themselves are useless. If humans can't believe they can create something, as if they were gods, they tend to believe they are not fulfilling their purpose. Our purpose is simply to know ourselves as that that we are. Creation is already created. Can't you see? In the Isness we merge with God. We discover that merging when we go back to the heart place and touch Home. We all yearn for and have the ability of going there – going Home. But every belief/thought: we have takes us away from God. This again is death. It is a conscious death. So to wake from erroneous belief: that is Life! Literally, humans live in dying. Live to die! And we fear what we live for!

Excessive grieving can demonstrate a lot of projection. There is pain in, “Who is going to take care of me? What am I going to do without her? Oh, my God! I can't live without her!” Those are their thoughts. What they are going to do is go to work, clean the house, carry on. They will do everything they do, as if you were only gone for the weekend. Except, they are going to carry on all the mental pain and the project of “poor me, my beloved is gone!” What a perfect opportunity to suffer! “I will use your death to suffer!” Ultimate selfishness! “You can't cause them pain and suffering. That is theirs. The fact is that on the day of your funeral they will wonder, “Who is going to do the dishes? Who is going to send the thank you notes? Where are the guests going to sleep tonight?”
They are going to use you in the name of “Poor me! Poor me! Oh, she was so wonderful!” All these machinations are their proof that it is legitimate to suffer. I would say, “Don't suffer in my name!” In my Reality, death is Life. The only difference is our opinion. I teach one: the world teaches the other. One serves; the other won't. I choose the one that serves. This is sanity! To delude myself into thinking death is bad is insane. No one knows that death is bad. We look at the survivors of the death of a beloved and we say, “Oh, it's bad.” Not true! Only for the poor deluded people who are left behind who are choosing suffering. “I didn't do enough. I didn't tell him what I should have before he died. Who is going to take care of me? What am I going to do; he's not here? People use this beautiful existence of life to suffer! What they call death I call a Celebration of Life. Because they can't see it that way, it becomes a legitimate opportunity to suffer. Death of a close one is a new opportunity to give me what they gave me and to appreciate creatively as I do it. The ego uses the thought of death to separate us from God. The ego is a thought system we perpetuate through the generations and each person builds on it. The ego says we had better be afraid. It particularly has its power in our fear of death. So we hear, “Watch out, don't run in the street.” Then we have many thoughts about being hurt, or being killed, or being incapacitated, or being in suffering, and we build on those thoughts with all kinds of fantasies. Eventually, if the distortion of thinking is strong enough, we begin to stay in the house because of the fear. And the ego continues to terrify us with other thoughts and beliefs. I teach: Don't be careful; you might hurt yourself.

When we have an intuitive thought it is our intouch- ness with the Creator. But then we think, “This is my own idea,” and that thought the ego takes over the creation, the gift, the divineness, and the true flow stops. The ego believes it is in control; then we effort, we plan, we worry, we work harder because the ego is in fear if it thinks it isn't in control. Fear is built upon a multitude of beliefs and its name is dis-ease. Body follows mind and reflects this visibly. That is not living. We live when we are in nonbelief – open, waiting, trusting and loving to do the thing appearing in front of us. Life is available when we let go of old concepts that don't serve us. There is only the death of the ego. Everything other than the lie is Joy and Life. This is Truth. We can know it through our sons, daughters, friends, husbands, and wives. They, like the body, appear as the reflection of our minds bouncing back that we may see ourselves.
You move totally away from the mind of God/Good when you believe you have a legitimate reason to suffer.

The Truth of “Why did she leave” is: “She's gone!” How do we know it's for the best? She's gone! Reality is. How do we know? Here it is. Know there is no death! Diseased cells stop reflecting back, will relax and stop multiplying when you know this. When you are taking medicine or doing something to kill such cells as cancer, know they are supreme in their intelligence. They are the body; they will survive untold obstacles. Yet they are mutations and they are masters. They thrive on fear! They are fear. When there is no fear reflecting from mind, they relax and become this beautiful blend of the system and fall away. But as you are scaring you (fear of death, which is to say, thoughts opposite of God/Good), thoughts reflect back as what we call cancer cells. Call it fear, not cancer. Call it untrue belief systems, not cancer. Know yourself. You are your cancer. You are the something that feeds your death. It isn't only cancer cells but any disease we have created that we name foreign to our system. How can I know my mind if my body doesn't reflect mind back to me? Cause and effect. God is good – I create cancer thinking otherwise.
Fear is a full-time Job. Fear is the human condition when we forget. Forgetting is a word for pain and suffering. Remembering is peace and heaven. Unlearn fear. Make Truth available to yourself. You don't know what death is. If you did, you would rejoice. Take the power from the word. Every time you think the word death, think Life. Fear is simple to think. You could lose something or not get something. You die over the fear of the something, but when you look at the fear in Truth it always breaks down to your mind being afraid of dying.

In humankind we have been taught erroneous beliefs. If you reverse these beliefs and go to the other polarity or opposite idea, you pretty much have the Truth. I want to reiterate: If you are in fear, you need to turn from that fear and illusion toward the opposite pole in order to be in Truth. When you find a balance with this, you become a respecter of Life and the Unknown.

There is a bodily discomfort when the thought is in fear. We call this a feeling. With practice you can learn to acknowledge the feeling's origin. For some people it is a twist in the solar plexus or a pain in the gut. That is the key. That is how we can use the body. It is the key that you have just formed an idea that doesn't work. It doesn't move toward peace. You go inside yourself and ask: “Is this an honest thought? What's in it for me to have this thought? Can I know anything but good, really?”

My father is arrogant? I am arrogant to think my father is arrogant. It is my arrogance in that one simple Judgment that sickens my body. How else could I know my mind is off? Thank you, body, for reflecting my mind. To change (my) father is hopeless. Can I recognize my own arrogant judgment of him? When I can see it is not him, it is me, I'm halfway Home. When I can see my only guilt was my error in thinking, I'm healed wholly.

When you believe others should think and act as you do, it is always going to cause disease on your body. Always! It takes a great deal of consciousness to understand this, but you have been judging that part of who you are, your soul, when you judge someone else. Judging is against the principle of Love. When you judge the experiences other people choose, you are out of Truth. They need to choose their own experiences, to fulfill their own soul journey. You need to do your own.

There are three kinds of business: my business, your business, and God's business. If I stay only in my business, I will be healed!

In my death experiences, I realized I fell into a conscious state that is much higher than what I experienced before. That is what I am here to report. There never has been a death. There never will be a death. Each time I have experienced what people call “leaving the body,” I realize that not once have I really left. We don't leave the body. There is nowhere to go. We are This Now. Everything is consciousness. All our socalled millennia of teachings have been that God and death are outside of us! Not true in my experience. We are This, Now and Now and Now!
This is the other realm. This is the All That Is. Out of thought you can know that. You! You can know that too! I am here to report to people. If I am the awareness of Consciousness-Observing-Itself, you are that experience, too.

She is born. One day she thinks she is not loved. She builds a life on that thought. She holds her life and shakes it, demanding to be loved. She does whatever she knows how. She marries, makes children, makes money, makes deals, makes her mask, and is concealed behind it even from herself. She is lost. She is angry. She is desperate. She cries out. The mask tears. Her story is that simple.
She wrestles with her demon and is wounded. She wakes up from her dream and finds that she is the Love.

“That was my silence. I shut Love off from itself and it began to die. That's the death. It says 'I'm not loved,' and it looks around for the lie to prove it. Or it says 'I'm not and you are.' It's death. And I do that ... until I don't.

“All (everything) teaches Love in the long run. Awake, I understand. Outside of time and space I am so grateful to that experience. All needs are supplied so that I can ultimately know my Self. Who am I to say what form understanding should take? Every experience of my life is for this: I give it to you as the Gift of Me. My experience is all I have. I am the Gift. The 'molest' experience is one small facet of the Gift that I Am. I Am the known Gift in its entirety. These small facets are the darknesses that block out the Light. Brought to understanding they become the ultimate Gift, but only available to those who are no longer willing to be deaf or blind. The Gift is made available only to those who are willing to look beyond what they think they know. “From three-year-old eyes I have seen all that I have done as misdirected love, and I share it with you today. Love need do nothing. All of the harm I did all those years to me and you – because what is done to one is done to all – all of the harm I did was misdirected but, nonetheless, Love.”

Against the pain of being not enough, Katie constructed a mask. A masque. A masquerade. A drama in which she starred as the one who could do and have everything. She didn't know what she was doing. No one does, really, when we construct that ego which imagines itself separate from the One. She wanted to survive. She wanted to be someone.

“For the first heaven and the first earth were passed away… there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev. 21:1, 4). Byron's experience and John's are the same. John goes on to say that in this new heaven and earth God and the people are one being. Such is Byron's constant cry. Know who you are. Even if it seems you will lose everything. Even if it seems you will lose your life, your sanity, your self, don’t be afraid. The old world will disappear. And you will awake to the realization of God-with-you, to the experience of the One, the Alpha and the Omega, timelessness, the Beginning and the End, out of time.
Before the old world disappears, that world of tears, sorrow, and death, there's an apocalypse. There's a battle. The sea turns to blood. The sun is darkened. John constructs the story as an epic. It's personal. It's also universal because the personal and universal are the same. In the epic everything is lost. The old world is destroyed. And nothing is really lost because the old world was a construct of our little minds. God is and has been with us all along. There is One.
The old world disappears and yet there is no loss. There is only the higher thing.

She isn't big enough. Her flesh feels tissue-paper thin. Anything might tear through. She needs more of it so she won't disappear, implode, collapse into the vast space underneath her skin. Alcohol. Pasta. Wine. Rich sauce. Chips and dip. Drugs. Candy. Anything.

Ross, Katies son:
“Through The Work I found God. That's the core of my mother's work – finding God. The mental weight keeps dropping and my body keeps getting stronger, my brain first and then my body follows. I get to drop the mental weight. I don't have to abuse myself in any way anymore. And now my career is totally creative. I'm doing exactly what I want to do. I'm living exactly where I want to live and working exactly where I want to work. I have exactly what I want. I surrendered and gave my lies to Truth and didn't force it. I got it, finally.

Om Roxann, Katies dotter:
Byron suggested that all the women at the workshop mother Roxann. One woman took her in her arms and sang to her. She cradled her like a baby and sang a lullaby. The mother is where we recognize her. “I accepted the Love that was in front of me. And do you know what is really wonderful? Two months later I got pregnant. I accepted everything I needed about mothers and then I became one.”
No one is sick alone; no one is healed alone. The mother and her children are one. That One is awake.

I'm remembering what Sam told me about some people not wanting to encounter Byron again after their first experience with her. “I've seen people react that way to your mother's stories, not just this one but others as well. It's so interesting to me – they're horrified. . .” I have some theories about this but I want to hear what Roxann has to say.
“It tells them that all there is is God.”
“Yes, I suppose that's it.”
“There's just me and God. If I don't know that and somebody confirms that Truth, I'm horrified. If a person thinks that the most important thing in the whole world is family and jobs and taking care of other people and I tell them that I'm okay if my baby dies, then it horrifies that person. Horrifies .... I've been in rooms with lots of people and I've told that experience. The first time I told it, I had a friend with me and a man singled me out afterward and said 'People who are as high as you get loaded!”' She laughs a bit, remembering. “It just horrified him.”

I think that if you accept that your mother is what she says then it follows that your whole life can change. Everything you've worked for all your life can fall away. It seems as though some people interpret this falling away as devastation. But actually, when it happens, the only thing left is God and that's everything. But people don't know that until they know it. So to let that happen is an extraordinary grace, something we cannot do for ourselves. It just is.”

“Yes, Yes,” Roxann agrees. “She used to get hate mail. . .”
“She did?”
“She used to go to Twelve Step meetings and share. People hadn't asked her to come and that was the difference. They'd be people who were traditional – bound by their traditions. And my mom would show up and share her life with people who really weren't ready to hear it. People wrote to her and quoted the Bible and called her a witch!

“I'd love to meet the baby!”
“It should be interesting to see who he is and how he grows, being in the environment my mom shows us how to bring about.”
“He's the new generation. His birth is really the event with which the book about your mother should end. The book should end with birth.” She agrees with me.
“Who will be the children of these people?” I ask. “The people who are getting it now…” She's with me.
“Yes. What will these children be like? That's the next question, isn't it?”
“Yes. That's right. I've got goosebumps just hearing it. This is what we have to give... not the message that we simply aren't afraid of death. On the other side of death is birth.”

The difference between Byron and most great teachers in virtually all the spiritual traditions is Byron's experience of what Christian's might call a radical conversion or metanoia. Most spiritual teachers have followed the practices of a specific tradition from their youth. Transformation comes clothed in the symbols of that tradition and that transformation is understood because of a lineage of spiritual teachers. Byron knew nothing. If she was preparing herself for transformation, that preparation was completely unconscious. She lived forty-three years with a dualistic consciousness, striving as most of us strive, wanting more and more, thinking that happiness could come to her from something and somewhere else. She couldn't find it. The constant attempts wore her down, disintegrated her. When she awoke it was as a new creation. Separation gave way to the Oneness of the Godhead.

And she had no words, no touchstone, no philosophy, no spirituality, no religion, nothing to explain what she is to us. Now when she says, “I am what it is like on the other side,” does she mean that the transformation of this human species is underway? Does she mean we are, right now, evolving into something new? Is she a herald of the “new earth” of which the Catholic spiritual tradition calls the Unitive Way. Once we thought that union with God was the most complete state of existence available to human beings. But union implies a duality: God and I, united. This is the meaning of Unitive Way. Because of the inspired work of Bernadette Roberts, we are now able to identify a further state of being. The Being of Oneness in which anything that could be called “self” eclipsed by the absolute Being of God. It is a state in which “I” no longer exist in any way that can be experienced or acted from. God alone is. This state of “no-self” seems to come closest to what Byron describes.

My spiritual tradition has a saying: By their fruits you shall know them. Byron walks through a room distributing what I learned as a child were the fruits of the Spirit. “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.” (Gal. 5:22-23).

Sandra suggests that only those of us who have experienced some kind of devastation can hear the message Byron brings. There's a chink in the armor of our constructed reality. We know that our safety nets don't hold. In a breath everything we depend on could collapse, disintegrate, and be gone. In her we see what is on the other side. She is hope.
I respond that I suspect everyone has a glimpse of this at one time or another. Some of us, though, just work harder to construct defenses. When we do that, a person like Byron terrifies us. We'd burn her at the stake if we still did that sort of thing. We don't and so we call her crazy woman instead. We find in the language of popular psychology or skeptical rationalism terms that permit disposal of her experience. We construct a stronger defense against our fears.

Byron Katie teaches, “Body has to follow mind. Cells are accumulated thoughts. To see mind and cells is to see with duality. Body, which is cells, is the reflection of mind. One. Not separate. Not two. To change the mind is to change the cells. They are the same.”

“I'm here to show you what it looks like on the other side.”

Show us, she must. Words cannot carry what she is. Pure Being is so ineffable that it is incommunicable in language. Being speaks to being beneath all words and the Being is One. Every attempt to express the ineffable in language limited by a subject-object structure falls short.

“If you could look upon me as I really am, you would not be able to look at me.” She heard Byron Katie tell her.
“Who are you, honey?” Mary pressed on. “Why did you say 'if you could look upon me'?”
“Because if you could see my Light, you would not be able to look upon “me.” (because) My Light is your Light.”
“I am a universe unto myself?” Mary questioned.
“Everything out there is in me ?
“Yes, honey.”

“Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live... There is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock: and it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a cleft of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by.” (Exod. 33:18-22).
I wonder if our bodies are the hand of God.

“Byron – you and Jesus ...
“Are One.”
My heart explodes. Here is a dimension of Byron Katie I merely touched. Despite my Christian background, I only made comparisons of her experience to what we call Christ-Consciousness. I didn't ask her the question until now, so the door to this exploration didn't open until now. I have no idea where this path will lead.
“And you also are that One,” she continues.

“That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one.” (John 17:21-23).

“The time for symbols is over, isn't it Byron?”
“Yes. Reality is now. Be That that you are. Reality is prior to I Am. To think and then to say “I” is to move into a world of symbols.”
“All body, all earth, all language moves us out from God,”
“Yes. Even to say 'God' is the movement away.”

This book will never be finished. I have just begun.

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