Byron Katie in Israel 2007

So I hear people say that Israel is a land full of conflict between Arabs and Jews, and I don't see Israel as a land of conflict between Arabs and Jews. Like every other country in the world, it is a country full of people that are believing thoughts about each other, that they haven't questioned yet, and that's happening all over the world.

Will The Work work in healing conflicts between countries? Absolutely not. The only world to find peace in, is the world that you live in, and the world you live in is in your head. It is in your thoughts, it is believing your thoughts, it's in your thinking.

If you have a conflict in your life, I invite you to write the concepts that are stressful for you down, and sit with those, and walk yourself through these 4 questions and turnaround, and find peace within yourself.

Because as long as we are believing our thoughts, we are going to see the world as a dangerous place, because it is the mirror image, a projection of what we have not healed within ourselves, of our own mean unhealed mindedness. And I can say mean-mindedness because that's how it feels to the human being thinking it. If we love everything we think, we begin to love ourselves, and when we love ourselves, that's what we project on to others. And so how can Jews and Arabs be the enemy? To a healed mind, it's not possible.

So I hear you say that Arabs want your land - what do you want?

You know — "I want" "I want" "I want","I need", "I need", "I need", "they should", "I should" - and believers walking around agreeing with each other, and that is war. And that is the war we've always had on this planet, and that is the world we'll always have on this planet as long as people are believing their thoughts about another human being. And how can we expect world leaders and kings and queens and presidents and anyone in the world to stop doing war, if you can't?

So how can I say to a mother, who has just lost her son to a war? "Where are you doing war with reality in this very moment? What are you believing in this very moment?"

I would look to that, so that my son's death would resurrect me, and in my experience, when that happens, my son lives. My son can never die.

If someone dies in my life I immediately experience celebration. That's a sane mind. That's a sane mind. Sadness is the war with what is - it's a tantrum, and you lose. And that's what the mind does not want to accept, that it is this identification it has taken on — "I am the victim, I am a victim here, they are wrong, I am right."

You know, I would just begin with questioning thoughts against my brother, thoughts against my sisters, thoughts against my cousins, and find my own freedom in that. Can you imagine how free we would be if we took time out, to not attack mentally and emotionally what appears to be real to us, to question it instead? There would be no time to fight — we would all be looking to the direction where freedom really can be found.

We're doing it backwards. We're trying to change the world, and it hasn't changed. We haven't evolved. We're still killing people, we're still hating, we're still frightened. There's no evolution happening here.

So people who question their minds, shift their world every time they do it, they shift their identity and come out as kinder human beings, and a kinder human being is less threat on this planet.

So what is my prayer or wish for Israel?

That you have everything you want, that you have everything you want, and if that's not working for you, that you revert to The Work, that you begin to question your thoughts about reality, your thoughts about life, your thoughts about others, and see what's true and what's not and to come out as a kinder nation, a kinder human being and show the rest of us the way.

Byron Katie in Israel 2007 - The Arab/Jew conflict

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There's no value in moral outrage. The rumor is that passion through outrage, and justification for that outrage, is the motivation that changes the world. It does not. It's exactly what keeps the world in place. Without the outrage, looking at things the way they are, seeing them clearly, more options and solutions can be seen within the same circumstance than fear, and moral outrage is fear. Education, the end of the ignorant mind, allows the benevolent open mind to see solutions that were never before available. Basically, love is the power, not moral indignation. Moral indignation is stress, disrespect, smallness, and it has been done, and the world is still in the same place. There's fear and hatred, which are words for ignorance, pure fearful unenlightened ignorance.

If I say you shouldn't, and I point my finger at you, and I notice the power that comes out of me toward you, immediately I shouldn't. The war begins with me, the war ends with me, not with you. Sit down with me, enlighten me to the way that you see it, and let's talk. I will not con you, I will not trick you, rather I will open my mind to you, and you will show me the way, you will always show me the way. And as I open to you, I notice that you open to me. And what comes out of that, two open minds sitting together, can never be war. Two open minds cannot oppose each other. It's a law. Solutions are found in that. As humans, our minds aren't open to step into the laws available and yet unused. An open mind is not a mind that waits and listens and uses what it hears as an arsenal. That is not an open mind. An open mind is unlimited. It's always learning, it only rests, if at all, in a solution. And from there it accelerates and energizes and sees that as rest. It's infinite.

- Byron Katie

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