Four questions that change lives

A warm welcome to The Work of Byron Katie, as presented by LovingLiving and Adina Malveklint. I facilitate The Work via phone and Skype. If you are interested in being facilitated, read more below.

Information in English on The Work and Byron Katie is abundant on the Internet, mainly on TheWork.com and ByronKatie.com. Here on LovingLiving.se, you will find Swedish translations and resources, as well as my personal take on The Work.

Swedish Chef But, despair not, it isn't all hurgy burgy. The parts of LovingLiving.se that may be interesting and understandable to English-speaking visitors are:

The Thought Bank - a directory of where to find examples of Byron Katie working different concepts, on-line, in books, or to buy from The Work store. The references are a mix of Swedish and English, the Swedish ones mostly relating to the printed dialogues from Katie's first three books. The directory is divided into subgroups, and here is the translation of these groups:


In the section Inspired by The Work, I'm sharing thoughts and short essays on various aspects of The Work, with the understanding that The Work is 4 questions and turnarounds, nothing more, nothing less. These sharings are not The Work as such, but topics and thoughts that have inspired me and hopefully do others.

Most of this is in Swedish. The only real exceptions are those that contain inspiration or material from other sources:

Inner Peace in Israel Inner Peace in Israel

Godbitar med Katie Goodies with Katie - katieisms and quotes

Byron Kitty Byron Kitty - wisdom in fur

Stanna eller gå Stay or Go - the popular topic of whether to stay in or leave a relationship, falls in the semi-English group. The resource section is the semi-part. :-)

You may also want to visit the "other half" of LovingLiving.se called Roadmaps to the Soul. Some of the pages contain material in English (as well):

Dominica. Foto: Sven Bergström Inspiration blog
Wise Women - quotes
The Bookshelf - mostly English titles
The Gallery - photo gallery, different collections

The Work with Adina

If you are interested in being facilitated in The Work by me, please send an e-mail to set up a time at no charge, and let me know your preferred hours and your time zone. I'm in CET, Central European Time, and normally available weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm (10.00-18.00). Check out time zones - reference point is Stockholm. Also, let me know if you prefer phone or Skype, and I will get back to you with the information you need to call me at the appointed hour.

In preparation, if you are new(-ish) to The Work, please have a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet filled out beforehand.

Adina Malveklint, LovingLiving A bit about my background:
I got in touch with The Work on a transformative trip to Hawaii in 2000, but didn't realise what had happened until a couple of years later(!), when the Swedish translation of Loving What Is found me.

From 2000 and onwards, I've participated in a number of healing and training processes, most of them a combination of a Western view of the psyche and the Eastern view on meditation, in locations like Earthsong in Hawaii, Baravara in Dalarna, Sweden, Osho Risk, Osho Miasto, Osho Multiversity, Gaia House, and The Omega Institute.

In 2005 I joined The School for The Work, and repeated it last summer in Miami. Since the beginning of 2008, I'm part of Byron Katie's certification program.

I've tried and am open to a number of healing modalities, but I have found the transformational power of The Work to be unique. I'd be happy to share this experience with you.

Welcome home - to you!

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