Mother and son: "She doesn't listen to me" del 1-8

A son tells his mother, who has been struggling with breast cancer, that she doesn't listen to him. Through The Work of Byron Katie, they question the fears that keep them separate and are able to find something more valuable.

"He got me fired" del 1-3

A woman believes her boss fired her and is having difficulty finding a new job. Using the four questions and turnaround of The Work, Byron Katie offers the woman a way to shift her thinking, position her career and put an end to her suffering.

Children's Workshop -The Work of Byron Katie, 3 delar

Röster från en workshop för barn. Mor och son gör The Work tillsammans. Med engelsk text. Klicka på CC-knappen om texten inte sätter igång automatiskt.

I'm not living up to my full potential, del 1-2

A man who is convinced that he can't make a living doing what he really wants to do questions his crippling beliefs through The Work with Byron Katie.

I'm too fat, My body is undesirable, I hate my body - 6 delar

A woman's stressful thoughts about her body.

My sister is not getting over her daughter's death - del 1-2

My mother doesn't listen, My mom needs a dog, I'm sure of it! - del 1-2

I'm afraid of war - del 1-3

Text: Adina Malveklint

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